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Future Nest is a brand created to combine 2 concepts together, which is Eco Friendly and Smart Home. Technology is built to make life more convenient and safety protected. But at the same time, we shouldn’t neglect the cost of technology that brings harm to our environment.


Living in 20th century, we are not only unable to say no to technology but in fact, we will be more reliant on it. If this is the unavoidable situation, why not use technology to improve our lifestyle. That is the main core of Future Nest.


  • Future – lead to infinite possibilities but all we hope for, is towards a good possibility.

  • Nest – can be our home where we stay and enjoy the wonderful life with our family. Also, it is referring to our mother Earth, where she is a great home for every living creature who lives on her. So we have the responsibilities to take care of her



  • Make use of technology to make our lifestyle more convenient and protected

  • Use and develop technology to make your society towards environmental friendly

  • Be responsible to our society and environment




  • Become Malaysia No.1 Eco-friendly smart home solution provider